VIDEO: Netanyahu

VIDEO: Unaffordable Care

On February 18, 2015

VIDEO: The Policing New York Needs

On February 16, 2015
Thursday  12 February 2015  / Hour 1, Block B:  Edward Hayes, Esq. criminal defense attorney par excellence, in re:   At the end of the movie Goodfellas, Mary Kissel on a plane sees Eddie Hayes as the lawyer. / Broken windows and DeBlasio's/Mark-Viverito's tale of 2 cities: does tolerating disorder in public spaces create a safer city? The broken windows theory of policing:  If you can control pubic order, you can reduce crime.

VIDEO: Bush Country

On February 13, 2015
Thursday  12 February 2015  / Hour 1, Block D: Rick Outzen, Pensacola Independent Daily News, in re:  The Florida Panhandle is Bush country, but Marco Rubio is very attractive- young, energetic, politically savvy, and not from the dominant [ethnic group].   Jeb Bush is very swiftly locking up a lot of the big money.  The Jeb Bush machine is already in New York; he's talking to big names, and not all Republicans. Marco Rubio, however is glamourous.  Rubio doesn’t have as much depth as Bush does.

VIDEO: Hollywood Goes to War

On February 12, 2015
Thursday  12 February 2015  / Hour 1, Block A: Mary Kissel, WSJ, in re:  This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate ... the Oscars are coming up later this month and one movie in particular ... is creating a lot of consternation with in the Academy ... arts in Review Editor Eric Kingston joins me Eric so American Sniper were all talking about it ... I in this is this issue when for a lot of awards ... well it's been nominated for gone for six or something like that but it's it's very gets ...

VIDEO: Asian Meetings Ahead

On February 11, 2015
Wednesday  5 February 2014 / Hour 2, Block A: Stephen Yates, chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, CEO of D.C. International Advisory, & former advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, in re: Mssrs Putin, Poroshenko and Hollande, & Frau Merkel, are still in conference (at 4 in the morning) in Minsk.   PM Abe and Xi Jinping "do not see the world fro the same" perspective.  Talk of the Japanese Defense Force patrolling the South China Sea.  US: The WH is in the waning years of a second term looking to drape itself in the [velvets] of grand international meetings.

VIDEO: Borrowed Valor

On February 10, 2015
Monday  3 February 2014  / Hour 1, Block C: Mona Charen, NRO, in re: Borrowed Valor  The Left envies the heroism it defames.  People who know, don’t say. This includes veterans who've served under fire; this connects to general disdain for the military from one part of one party.  In a way,  he was paying tribute to people who truly deserve honor.