The War Between Iran and Israel

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Fri, 2012-11-16 02:03 -- John Batchelor
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spoke to Larry Kudlow, on CNBC's "Kudlow Reports," (above) in re the missiles fired from the Gaza Strip that landed in Tel Aviv.  The Knesset has voted permission to the Netanyahu Cabinet to call up 30,000 reservists as the IDF expectations is that this will not be a short or tidy episode.  My information is that Hamas agents met with Hizballah in Lebanon to urge Hizballah to salvo rockets against the north of Israel.  For now, Iran has told Hizballah to stand down; perhaps transfer a few missiles to Hamas via the sea.  My information is that  Arab capitals will see another "Day of Rage" to protest the Israeli operation code-named "Pillar of Defense."  My information is that Hamas is looking to launch suicide vests and assassination teams into Israel from the West Bank and Jordan.  

Iran vs Israel, the First Shot.

Spoke Malcolm Hoenlein, Israeli Consul General to New York Ido Aharoni, Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Haim Waxman, Eric Trager of the Washington Institute to learn that the Obama administration has no plan to force Egypt to police the Sinai and turn off the arms to Gaza that are now being rocketed at Israel.  Am told that President Obama telephoned President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt and made a pre-condition of Morsi's next visit to Washington that Morsi broker a ceasefire and peace between Hamas and Israel.  Am told Morsi is under pressure from the Moslem Brothers to break with Israel.   Also, my information is that Iran's IRGC is linked directly to the gang, Islamic Jihad, that is launching the rockets.  What does Iran gain from the provocation of Israel?  Reza Kahlili tells me that Tehran is reporting that the Fajr-5 missile that struck Tel Aviv was the first shot in the war between Iran and Israel.  Iran knows that the more it can hector and unnerve Israel, the more time it can buy for its nuclear fuel cycle program, the closer it is to testing its own nuclear weapon and standing free of US and UN interference.  What is the US stake in all this?  The Obama administration has sided with the Arab strongmen who have emerged from the Arab Spring's rush to elections, and now it is clear that the strong men are no more trustworthy than their dictatorial predecessors.  Israel is surrounded by failed states, rogue states and predators.  I do conclude to Larry Kudlow that Israel can rely upon the US. Congress "1000%."