Wreckers of the Arab Spring

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Mon, 2012-11-26 23:41 -- John Batchelor
Monday, November 26, 2012

The reversal of fortune in the Arab Spring appears to be a surprise to the Obama administration as Cairo now reveals the wolf in wolf's togs of the Moslem Brotherhood.  Spoke Eric Trager, Malcolm Hoenlein, Sebastian Gorka in re the Morsi declaration that the judiciary in Egypt is illegitimate because it is dominated by "Mubarak loyalists.  This is the same charge that fledgling dictators routinely make when justifying a grab.  Stalin called his make-believe threat "wreckers."  Washington is acting shocked.  There is noise that Morsi is walking back his fiery language of last Friday.  Eric Trager tells me that the Moslem Brothers never reverse course.  Seb Gorka tells me that the Arab Spring was always going to come to this with regard the Moslem Brothers, "One Man, One Vote, One Time."  Malcolm Hoenlein tells me that the 1979 Peace Treaty with Israel is now at risk because there is no good way to trust a man who declares, as does Morsi, that he is above the law.  Israel must police the whole of the Negev border with the rogue state of the Sinai.  The truce with Hamas is profoundly at risk, because Morsi cannot guarantee stability in Cairo.  Two years after the state of the Arab Spring, what has come instead is a Syrian civil war, a Libyan anarchy of arms dealing and marauders against American interest (Benghazi) and a fleeting Egyptian democracy in tatters.

Above: Police in Cairo and Alexandria clash with anti-government protesters on Friday, after the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, announced in a decree he is to be above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected. The president told supporters on Friday that he was not acting against the interests of the revolution.