Rocket Room

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Tue, 2013-02-19 03:05 -- John Batchelor
Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Spoke Aaron Klein, WABC, about the threats in Lebanon’s Bekaa by Hizballah and on the Golan Heights by an alphabet soup of pirates and cutthroats calling themselves Syrian rebels.  My information, meeting Aaron Klein’s reports, is that Bekaa is being prepared for a rocket exchange conflict -- with Hizballah now resupplied with up to 70,00 rockets of all types.  Am told that both sides of the border are digging in.  In the Bekaa, Hizballah has offered cheap homes that include a family room, a dining room and a rocket room.  On the Israeli side, the prep includes maneuvers and heavy concentration of mobile units to the North.  My information is that Tehran wants to create the conditions for heavy casualties, so instead of evacuating the villagers, they are concentrating the population around the arsenals and batteries.  Also, Iranian and North Korean engineers are said to have built tunnels where fighters can exist for up to a year.  The IDF is not able to concentrate on the Hizballah challenge because of the Golan worry, where Syrian "rebel" forces (international jihadists) are said to be operating free of Syrian Army pressure.  Am not told operational detail of the prep for the Golan struggle or the Bekaa struggle.  However, the timing is more critical than the landscape.  My assumption has been that Hizballah will wait till warmer temperatures; however, I am told that Tehran may need action before spring.  What drives the Tehran need?  The Obama administration is in the late stages of providing the Grand Bargain that will acknowledge Iran as the regional hegemon in exchange for the Tehran promise of peace in our time.

What of Syria?

The Assad regime is secure in its bloody-mindedness and its strong connections to the Tehran regime.  The video above illustrates the chaos of the region -- Aleppo rendered as a mini-me Stalingrad -- but none of this can explain the grittiness of the Assad mercenaries.   Treacherous, villainous Assad remains in place because major powers such as Russia see Assad as the last dictator before the whole of Syria becomes Stalingrad.  After Assad, the minorities that have glued the region together for a thousand years, the Alawites, Druze, Ismailis, Christians, Jews, will be driven from their homes as the Sunni jihadists perform ethnic cleansing from the Med to the Two RIvers.  Meanwhile, the Iranian grip on its Shia surrogates reaches from Tehran across Iraq to Damascus and on to Beirut.  Note the crater at Aleppo that is said to be caused by a Scud.  I am told that the Syrians are firing their oldest Scuds at the so-called rebels, who are actually hired mercenaries from across the ummah -- the Libyan brigade, the Iraqi brigade, the Palestinian and Jordanian brigades.  The Syrian rebels are the same jihadist crew we saw in Iraq 2003-2008, and the Nusrah Front in Eastern Syria is the Zarqawi model reawakened in Syria.  Syria is descending into the sort of lawlessness that damages all neighboring governments, including Jordan, Israel and Turkey.    Am told there is nothing quick about the descent; and that the Middle East could take the rest of the century to stabilize.  In Egypt, the Moslem Brothers who reach westward and eastward to their brethren are preaching that the ummah must reject the so-called European model and turn to the Moslem model of shariah darkness and tribal revenge.