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VIDEO: Dow 20,000?

Tuesday 20 December 2016   / Hour 1, Block A:  Bill Whalen, Hoover, in re: [market conditions; almost 20,000; commodities cheaper, etc.]  Pres Obama has waged a war on business: attacked, criticized, insulted, made jokes. Worst sector of our economy is business investment.  New incoming idea:...
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VIDEO: China Responds

Monday 12 December 2016 / Hour 1, Block C:  Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast &, in re: Russell Hsiao, executive director of Global Taiwan Institute  in re: The PRC decided to fly nuclear-capable bombers war planes, to circumaviate Taiwan – both before (25 Nov)...
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VIDEO: Trumps Picks a Cabinet

Tuesday  22 November 2016   / Hour 1, Block A:  Bill Whalen, Hoover, in re:  Trump visited New York Times publisher today, had relatively amiable talk. Stock mkt hit 19,000 today; increasing investor confidence in the incoming administration. Small cap stocks up 11%;  bond rates rising ½ percentage...
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VIDEO: New Order

Thursday  17 November 2016 / Hour 2, Block A:  Ambassador John Bolton, AEI, in re: The absence/disengagement of America for so long has alarmed much of he world; a strong Secretary of State will encouraged many nations. Global NATO (idea of Asnar), from the London Times: make sure the NATO...
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VIDEO: Wolf! Wolf! at Trump Tower

Thursday  17 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Mona Charen. NRO, in re:  If Donald Trump has the magnanimity to receive Romney well, then he’s a different person from the rough character we saw in the campaign. DJT cares a great deal about loyalty; only a small group remained loyal to him and there...
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VIDEO: Trump Transition

Tuesday  15 November 2016   / Hour 1, Block A: Steve Moore, Trump economics advisor, in re:  Mkt was down 800 points mid-evening, then 400, then 200; opened at 300 +; and hit 900+ points above last week. Opposite: bonds are selling off – interest rates are rising: a sign of growth. I just love...