The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: The Reckoning

January 10, 2015

Thursday  8 January 2015 / Hour 2, Block B:  Soeren Kern is a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Gatestone Institute, and the Senior Analyst for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group; in re:  Islamization of France, Charlie Hebdo.
·         Are these terrorists the tip of the iceberg?
·         Are the French people in denial? Is the government?
·         Was this an attack on freedom of expression or does it go far beyond that?
·         What type of infrastructure do Islamists have in France?
·         The French government has sent out 1,000 foot soldiers to protect the people. This is a defensive measure, but what offensive measures can the government take?
·         10 million Muslims in France - will they become French?
·         Will France be the first European country to fall to Islamic conquest since al Tariq took the Iberian peninsula?