The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Ryan Takes Command

November 03, 2015

Monday  2 November 2015   / Hour 2, Block A:  David M Drucker, Senior Congressional correspondent, John Fund, NRO: in re: New Speaker of the House: Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  So good on TV, no material for Comedy Central.  Ability to set a far-reaching agenda and effectively convey that, even to people who don't speak Conservative. Can he command 218 Republican votes?  Boehner's failing was that he couldn't get them to do that. Ryan's always been this good on TV – he was on every single channel this past weekend; was he at the Mets game? – his talent is to sell his ideas.  . . .  The House was a particularly dysfunctional committee; will now be an increasingly rational voice of sanity.  Ryan has promised that there'll be more, democratic reforms to the House, and the Hasert Rule ("Nothing goes through till there's a majority") will be honored.  . . . Said the Party has been clever tactically but poor in vision;  will have to engage in actual ideas and put actual proposals on the table. Mrs Clinton has done that: more of everything from the government.  WSJ poll: Dr Ben Carson at the lead.   Sens Rubio & Cruz in Tier 1A, best-positioned to move ahead; then Govs Bush, Kasich, Christie, in Tiers 2 and 3.   Expect many more shifts.  . . . Mrs Fiorina - she's done very well but just isn't grabbing people.  Almost as though no more lightning left in the bottle.  The Evangelical vote is esp important in Iowa and South Carolina; and as good as Fiorina is, Carson's sincerity is not in doubt to them.  Huckabee is capturing the lion's share of Evangelical vote.