The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: The Secret Caucus

October 13, 2015

Monday  12 October 2015  / Hour 1, Block D: Devin Nunes  (CA-22), Chairman, House Select Intelligence Committee, in re: Dave Brat vs Charley Dent.  Wm T Sherman: "If nominated, I won't run; if elected, I won't serve." We haven't yet heard that from Paul Ryan.   Freedom Caucus nominated Daniel Webster (FL) for House Speaker. Hugh Hewitt said her e are 15 members. Truth is, we don't know; one may enter by invitation only; if 80% of the members vote a certain way, then all must vote that way.  We don't know who thy are; they won't tell anyone; if most vote one way, all must. One Member from Wisconsin and one from _ have resigned. 435 members run and win; when you walk in, you must join the GOP or Dems. Once you do that, you have conference rules Eight leadership positions if 30% vote for you -  . . .  Freedom Caucus say they have 40 votes; in past, have voted for Colin Powell, Ron Paul Newt Gingrich ; so 207 vote for whoever the Speaker-designee is and 40-minus members for someone else.   . . . GOP conference has certain rules: Kevin dropped out because they had ridiculous rules, one of which was that they'd put in their choice for Speaker.   Irony of the Freedom Caucus limiting freedom. They're acting like a cult – a blood brotherhood, a boys's thing.