The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Ben Rhodes

May 10, 2016

Monday 9 May 2016 / Hour 1, Block C:  Claudia Rosett, FDD, Thaddeus McCotter,and Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast &, in re: Ben Rhodes. Pres Obama’s spokesman, works for Natl Security Council, said, “Foreign policy is treated as a parlor game in which you give your opponents bad info, and it circulates in the echo chamber and comes back manicured (mangled). “  He’s young (40), has no foreign policy education, has become the narrator for all of the Administration’s policies.   Most striking is the documentation, that Rhodes’s job is to package and sell the lies of Mr Obama’s administration.”  Rhodes has been at the president’s side for hours and hours daily. Journalists think, “this is false” – but it's presented in a way that makes it difficult to untangle and correct.  Rhodes came to his job with nil intl experience after training to be a fiction writer.  Dangerous fro the Republic.  The oddest part is that he preens and crows over his successes as a self-acknowledge liar. TMC: Didn’t the president know that Rhodes was lying?  CR: Yes, his job has been to lie for he president. It's Pres Obama’s policy; Rhodes’s skill is to package and paper over. Exhibit A is the lies that generated the Iran deal.   Also wrote Prepcom for Benghazi.  GC: The press did not do its job! Neither did Congress. A debacle – the Iran deal – that was recreated all over Washington, not just the White House.  Rhodes’s job to make palatable the president’s policies – he spoke out boastingly to the New York Times.  He thought he’d get a glowing, admiring piece.  Pres Obama and Rhodes don’t evince a lack of confidence; rather, massive contempt do the public, the important conventions of the world – see how they treated our allies and cousined up to our enemies.  Historically, president’s have apologized and tried to bail out, but Obama, et al., spin harder, double down, and repackage the lies with new lies. TMC:They [all Washington] care more about narrative than truth. It's nauseating. Rhodes is just a minion.