The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: China vs. North Korea

July 06, 2016

Wednesday 6 July 2016 / Hour 1, Block B: Gordon Chang, in re:   Why are we talking about nukes?  . . .  Putin has referred to using nukes in the Baltics.  North Korean nukes:  sat imagery of China/DPRK border: 2015 to 2016 pix show a shard decrease in border traffic as China tries to discipline DPRK for its nuclear escapades. Josh Rogin refers to a Center for Intl and Strategic Studies study.  David Albright has been watching: China allows cylinders of U hexafluoride for bombs, and vacuum pumps and other nuclear eqpt. This Kim is an unpredictable and detached human being; “immature” doesn't express the problem.  We saw North Korea’s top dip visiting Beijing; now that DPRK acts like vassals, China will loosen trade restrictions.   Profiteering and warlords?  Yes – lots are doing bz freelance in North Korea