The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Chinese Propaganda

June 02, 2016

Wednesday   1 June  2016 / Hour 1, Block A:Charles Burton, professor at Brock University, in re: Chinese are largely funding US private education.  When the Chinese students study here, do they adopt US values? Not much, but a little.  As for Australia, the financially-pressed newspapers are pressured and advertisers not to allow criticism of China.  Publish the China Daily supplement; it's about suppressing information. They do buy influence, but don't get much and spend a huge amount for a paltry return. Think of ”Confucius Institutes” – supposed to convey the glorious Chinese history, but what the world hears is that they lie about liberty of thought and deed in Communist China.  The CCP thinks that it can be seen as being more authoritative on China than are Western journalists and govts – but that ain’t working out, either.  Btw, the CCP prefers Trump as a businessman; that’s a billion votes right there!
New York Times produces a Chinese-language edition – which is blocked to China.  Why are Western govts not demanding reciprocity, i.e., freedom to publish inside China?  The CCP pays for propagandistic newspaper supplements in major Western papers– again, to little success – and the US govt needs to push back.  For fundamental ethical reasons, Western papers won't publish visibly inaccurate info; why do they accept the lying swill of China’s paid supplements?  We need to demand reciprocity, and if the CCP forbids Western info, we need to refuse their stuff. After all, we refuse tobacco ads in our papers.