The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Election Eve

November 08, 2016

Wednesday   9 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Steve Yates, chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, CEO of D.C. International Advisory, and former advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, on Trump's Asia policy; in re: A long night yesterday.  . . . Expressions of policy concerns anent Trump.  China: what's important will be Trump’s responses to Chinese deeds.  This is true of every incoming administration. Realty and the business of the day tend to overtake you. . . . The economic realities of what’s going on in China may [be of much consequence].   There’s a protocol for president and teams and interagency group to talk and thrash out how to do the transition, usu commence in Feb or March; you don’t get to real policy till the slots are filled in, by Congr approval.