The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Energy Policy

June 01, 2016

Tuesday  31 May 2016   / Hour 1, Block A: Steve Moore, in re: Steve has just left University of Chicago (where he debated Austan Goolsbee) and got to airport: We could increase our output 0f gas and coal by $200 bil PA.  Historically, the Democratic Party really cared foremost about working-class people, about unions; to its detriment it’s been taken over by a radical envtl movement that wants to stop dvpt: oil, gas, coal, nuclear, fracking – that’s 90%of our energy. I favor solar, but we won’t immed power an $18 trillion economy with windmills and solar panels. Construction trades have no more place the Democratic Party because of the energy matters.   China and India are bldg 500 energy plants – every time we close one down here, we just export many more jobs.  On climate change: an Obama former asst secy of energy now at MIT wrote: Climate change exists; the models don’t work; we don't know how much is anthropogenic, Sun-induced, caused by ocean heating, or from rain forests. Under Pres G W Bush and Pres Obama, we’ve spent $150 billion over the last dozen years promoting solar; we now get 3% of our power from these.  Coal emissions have been reduced 60%  in the last thirty years.  We can produce way ore power than we need with zero emissions: nuclear. [“Too cheap to meter,” they promised Hah.]  Soon: nuclear micro-plants, safe for one neighborhood at a time.   California voting regs:  Charlie Munger, Jr,; Arnold Schwarzenegger, others, set it up so that 30% of seats in the State senate and above are all-Dem. In California, only 30% are registered GOP, and won’t be on the ballot, will become totally extinct. This is fundamentally anti-democratic; 51% of Republicans won't vote if they have no choice.
Water policy question:  Trump the other day took a position similar to yours – bld dams, desalination; be able to grow food.  The current regs are fixed: they pit farmers vs mfrg vs residents.  The way to fix it is to increase supply: at present, 50% of the water runs out to the ocean; we can correct that. Also, bld desalination plants.