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VIDEO: Failure of Governance

May 28, 2016

Thursday  26 May 2016 / Hour 1, Block A:     Francis Rose, (WMAL) and, and now Channel 7 in Washington; and Channel 8 daily: "Government matters";  in re: Fed Dept of Education is sending out “guidance letters” nationally: demanding that schools punish people who’ve been accused of sexual harassment before any legal action has occurred.  “The administrative state.”
McDonald of VA in trouble – “TSA wait time is like that at Disney World–and Disney doesn't keep track of wait times; why shd that metric measure us?”  Great – what’s the outcome of VA treatment?  A superficial comparison is an insult to veterans who've risked their life to protect us. Washington’s streets are littered with papers . . .   Jason Chavets considering impeachment.
Koskinen in firefight, open season on Executive Branch . . .  Now about that thousand-mile war along the US-Mexico border: will it be finished in this century?
VA Chief Sticks with Tone-Deaf Disney Comment amid Calls for Resignation  In 2014, Robert McDonald, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, was tapped to head the Department of Veterans Affairs after a series of Obama administration and independent investigations revealed widespread fraud and incompetence throughout the agency’s medical network that may have contributed to the deaths of veterans.
Roughly two years after one the worst scandals of the Obama presidency, which prompted then VA chief Eric Shinseki to resign in disgrace, McDonald could be on his way out as well.  . . .
Francis Rose over Washington!     joining WJLA Channel 7 / NewsChannel 8;  will be the new host of the Government Matters program, currently Sunday mornings at 10:30 on Channel 7. also expanding it to Monday through Friday, as well. Government Matters will air at 8pm and 11pm Monday through Friday on NewsChannel 8. The show will debut June 8.