The John Batchelor Show


November 03, 2016

Wednesday  2 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block B:  Rick Fisher, senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, in re: . . . Chinese appear to be on their way; Russia and China are swiftly dvpg counter-stealth: radar satellite, airborne sensors, and long-range ______ Missiles. We need a 6th gen fighter, need an F22B!  China will bld at least 200   ___; Chengdu & Shengyang:  latter already being mktd in model form; are issuing specs.
J24 has long-range capability: to attack US air power at long range, and can attack ships at long range; will carry the fight out into the Second Island Chain. Contest the Eastern Pacific well into the 21st Century. Right now, J20 engine isn't quite strong enough, so we still have maybe five years in which the US can start to dvp a more advanced F35, or take a long look at the the Raptor.
Escalation under way, arms race in the air is advanced; also at sea, underwater, and in outer space. Look at the J20 and the F22.
We spent the peace dividend.  Scenes from the ongoing Zhuhai Airshow. catches the Saudi delegation visiting and sitting down to talk to the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation  (CASIC).  First they walk by the display . . . the DF-41 size KZ-11 solid fuel mobile space launch vehicle . . .  and the CM-302 supersonic anti ship missile.  What will they buy next?  Who knows.