The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Round 3

October 20, 2016

Wednesday   19 October 2016 / Hour 2, Block D:  Robert Sean Wilentz, Lapidus Professor of the American Revolutionary Era at Princeton University; Harry Siegel, New York Daily News and the Daily Beast, in re: Trump’s disavowal of accepting the electoral results is unparalleled in the United states.  The glory of early American politics was that after every election, even when the loser had reason this think he’d been cheated, all abided by the results. This shows not just contempt for the electorate, but for the Constitution, 
Manafort: “This is the ultimate reality show.”  Just go to 2000 and Bush v Gore. This is strange and terrible to see. Perhaps the end of the Republican party when the candidate says he may not respect the results.  What we saw tonight was so egregious. The GOP has to support its candidate. I just saw the Constitution being trashed.  In the first hour, we saw how a [competent] GOP candidate could have [turned this around], but Trump did not.