The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Trump Losing

June 17, 2016

Thursday  16 June 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Mona Charen, NRO, in re:  Underground meeting of the Save the Republicans Club.  . . . there’s no communications dept in the Party; none.  Fundraising doesn’t exist – large donors are missing, but so are he small donor  Priebus asked Trump to call 20 major donor; he called three and then quit.  Quit. Why?  Also, digital management: need to “touch” 9digitally) each voter three times.   The candidate disdains this.   . . . The stage we're at now: people reckoning with the reality that he can't rewrite the rules of politics, nor prevail without a staff; that his claims to self-fund were false (I could jut sell a building”). Plus they’re looking at the polls and seeing a potential massacre for the whole Republican Party , incl downballot.   Need to say, a political Party needn’t be the slave of primary voters.  ”Massacre to come” – 70% of voters have an unfavorable view of Trump, 89% of Hispanic; 53% of whites without a college degree, also 34%of Republicans. 
Duncan Hunter, co-chair of Trump’s House Leadership Committee, said, he shouldn't be confused with Trump ______.   Trump slammed the door on the Washington Post. Why is he making war on the media?  In the auld days, we looked up to Party elders for their wisdom; we're so far past that now that  . . .  The fact that Trump is the presumed nominee is a test of his skills to reach out to voters, which he has not done.  Meanwhile, we get news that he’s now founding Trump TV Network. That’s what this has all been about!  Let us hear from a graybeard set out a scenario where the rules committee changes he rules and unbinds the delegate. First we need a mob to march on the castle – and we've got the bigger crowd.   The Party shouldn't be a suicide pact; but there’s worship of . . . If that were true, Duncan Hunter would have a backbone.   Next we’ll turn to the den of wolves of the Democratic Party and choose a vice-president for Mrs Clinton. Not Bernie Sanders. Bernie doesn’t get it. Bernie wouldn't get it if he woke up with a horsehead in his bed.