The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Wolf! Wolf! at Trump Tower

November 17, 2016

Thursday  17 November 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Mona Charen. NRO, in re:  If Donald Trump has the magnanimity to receive Romney well, then he’s a different person from the rough character we saw in the campaign. DJT cares a great deal about loyalty; only a small group remained loyal to him and there was a fear that he’d promote only those; now, it looks as though he welcomes experience. Now: Nikki Haley, others, are visiting Trump Tower.  Flying the Mexican and Palestinian flags during protests on American elections: offensive.  If non-Americans demand their “rights,” you scratch your head. . . . Hold he word “racist” in abeyance till when you need it so it has some bite; beware “Wolf, wolf.” The left is so brainwashed about race, class, gender, that they’ve lost perspective.   . . . American people are not ideological; they look at their situation and well-being and decide up or down.