VIDEO: Beyond Obamacare

September 1, 2014 0

VIDEO: ISIS in India

Wednesday  27 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block B: Cleo Paskal, associate Fellow at Chatham House and author of Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map, in re:  Indian militants' fighting with ISIS and stunning the Indian populace.  
August 28, 2014 0

VIDEO: Easy Money

Tuesday  26 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block A:  Michael Boskin, Hoover, in re: Larry Kudlow, at that time a humble number-cruncher in Washington, drove up to Woodstock; was especially pleased by Jimi Hendricks but was smitten by Grace Slick.  Janet Yellin: "Our assessments of the degree of slack must...
August 27, 2014 0

VIDEO: 'Freedom of Navigation'

Wednesday  27 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block A: James Holmes, professor at the Naval War College and co-author of Red Star over the Pacific: China's Rise and the Challenge to U.S. Maritime Strategy, in re:  the latest in the South China Sea, especially Manila's reaction to Beijing's moves and the...
August 27, 2014 0

VIDEO: War Politics

Monday  25 August  2014  / Hour 2, Block A:  David M Drucker, Washington Examiner Sr Congressional correspondent; & John Fund, National Review Online, in re:  Obama’s America Where it’s always September 10th.   If the electorate is confused, it doesn’t much turn out to vote.  How is the...
August 26, 2014 0

VIDEO: Case of the Not-So-Missing Emails

Monday  25 August  2014  / Hour 1, Block C: Francis Rose, Federal News Radio, in re: Lois Lerner's e-mails are all backed up by the federal govt (in case of an asteroid hit, for example).  DOJ says it's just too onerous to go through everything to find her e-mail.  Federal records expert have...
August 25, 2014 0

VIDEO: Threatening Russia-China Cooperation?

Wednesday  20 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block A: Scott Harold, Rand Corporation, in re: There are 500 to 600 British citizens with ISIS; the Syrian city of Rakka, there's a kidnapping ring run by British citizens, locally called "The Beatles."   Also there were US Special Forces op in Syria recently...
August 21, 2014 0

VIDEO: Life on Mars?

Wednesday  20 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block C: Hotel Mars, episode N.   Chris Carberry, executive director, Explore Mars, Inc., in re: ExploreMars project ExoLance. Curiosity and Oppy. A 2020 mission. Explore Mars, Inc., is crowdfunding right now. ExoLance was conceived in 2013 when people realized...
August 20, 2014 0

VIDEO: Day at the Races

Tuesday  19 August  2014 / Hour 1, Block D: Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution blog, Day at the Races, in re:  Scott Brown as carpetbagger in New Hampshire?  Not really, but he's made verbal stumbles; and Jeanne Shaheen is popular.  Al Franken: Minnesota punished senators linked to unpopular...
August 20, 2014 0


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