Thursday, 01/03/12 - Batchelor Fourth Hour

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Thursday/Fri 1205A (905 Pacific Time): John Avlon, Daily Beast, in re: the 113th Congress looks positive in comparison to the low ratings of the 112th.  The president of the GOP F=freshman class looks to meet regularly with the Democrats.

So, on this first day of a new Congress, we can at least hope that things will be different—a hope backed up by the knowledge that voters really did send a very different message in 2012 from what they did in 2010. 

“In the real world, adults have to work together,” reasons Rep. Messer, “so I’ll talk to anybody who's willing to work to move America forward. After all, our nation has overcome far bigger divides than we have today.”  


Thursday/Fri  1220A (920 Pacific Time): Seb Gorka, FDD, in r: Cairo prosecutor to investigate a popular Comedy TV figure for insulting President Morsi.

Thursday/Fri  1235A (935P Pacific Time): Jeff Bliss, Bliss Index, in re: the Blue State Model – Stockton, California, looking to repudiate the bonds for pensions.  Illinois to follow the model?

Thursday/Fri  1250A  (950P Pacific Time): Exeunt. Terry Anderson, president of PERC, in re: wolf-hunting is banned in Wyoming and Montana; why?