Friday 01/04/13 - Batchelor First Hour

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Hour One

Friday 11 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block A:  Henry Miller, Hoover, in re: Politics and the Poor Man's Plate,coauthored with Drew Kershen,

Friday 11 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block B:  John Bolton, AEI and US ambassador to the UN, 2005 to 2006, in re: Richardson and Schmidt in North Korea; why? We see the pattern repeat from President Carter’s unwise efforts to negotiate over the North’s nuclear weapons programs in the 1990s, to President Clinton’s 2009 visit to extricate two reporters who had foolishly crossed into North Korea, to the laughable New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2008 visit to serenade North Korea’s dictatorial elite: Pyongyang uses gullible Americans for its own purposes.

     While it may sound counterintuitive, the most humanitarian approach is not to render assistance that perpetuates the Kim dictatorship, but to work to undercut and end it. We should, for example, encourage refugee flows into South Korea, negotiate with China for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and otherwise struggle to liberate the prison camp of a country that sits north of the 38th parallel.

     That would be a truly worthy mission for Richardson and Schmidt.  To read the article online, click here.

Friday 11 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block C: . Marie Rim, artist, in re: What does it feel like to wear a burka? Artist Marie Rim has been criss-crossing the US offering "Burka Fittings Across America," inviting participants to experience the all-over face-covering worn in some Muslim countries

Friday 11 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block D:  Terry Anderson, PERC, in re: massacres of rangers and wildlife in Chad reserves, "Deadly Risk for African Wildlife Rangers"  As ivory poaching gets more militarized, with rebels and even armies slaughtering elephants across Africa, rangers are wading into the bush to confront hardened soldiers.