Thursday 01/24/13 Batchelor First Hour

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Thursday 24 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block A: Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution, in re:  Gov Jerry Brown; California's economy.

Thursday 24 Jan 2013 / Hour 1, Block B:  Satyajit Das, highly independent writer and economist in Australia, in re: autarky anent the large economies of the planet (recent FT article).  Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Soviet Union, ju-cheh (DPRK state ideology; in this instance, also called "bribe –seeking"), and many others historically.  Today, growth is much more constrained in the world; also, realized that capital trades require giving up some measure of independence.

UK created high taxes for their rich, who moved to Switzerland; France did something similar [75% of highest incomes] – and England now offers safe tax haven to rich French. In the US, when GM had problems, US bailed 'em out right away.  Income distribution issues in US.  If you read Ricardo carefully, he implies infinite growth – not true.  All countries now paying beggar-thy-neighbor.  Policies in place are pushing us down this path. IMF recently in a report embraced capital controls – a sea change. In 1930s: economic and political are deeply intertwined; see: Italy & Spain, where poverty is commingled w political landscapes.  Dictatorships favor closed economies?  Maybe somewhat. In good times everyone's and internationalist; in bad times, a xenophobe.

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In good times everyone's an internationalist; in bad times, a xenophobe.

--Satyajit Das

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Thursday 24 Jan 2013/ Hour 1, Block C: . David M Drucker, Roll Call, & Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, in re:  Senate, filibuster, motion on a motion, 60-vote threshold on bills; young kids want to turn the Senate into the House with majority rule – that didn’t work. Thirty new members of this committee for this cycle. New marching orders to reach out into communities: more Blacks, Hispanics, young people. Diane Feinstein's assault-weapons bill is controversial.

Thursday 24 Jan 2013/ Hour 1, Block D:  Jeff Bliss, The Bliss Index, in re: In view of all the disasters, who still formally has a domicile in California? IN Manhattan Beach in southern California: Maria Sharapova, Blake Griffin - lots of L.A.-based players like Kobe Bryant and soccer's David Beckham and Landon Donovan live in and around LA. Tiger Woods and Shaq also had homes there at one point (but they both moved to Florida); Magic Johnson still does (vast real estate, commercial, sports and entertainment holdings). Lots of guys playing for California-based NBA, NHL, NFL and MBL teams live in California out of necessity -- they spend at least half of their playing seasons "at home. " Further, last week, the boxing promoter Bob Arum said a planned (HUGE!) fifth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in September would not be staged in the United States because of the tax hit the fighters would take. Losing this fight would be a blow to the already-struggling Las Vegas economy.  Also: Oakland has grown extremely dangerous; bringing in Kelly for advice.