Tuesday 04/02/13 Batchelor First Hour

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Guests: Tom Joscelyn, Bill Roggio, FDD; Tod Lindberg, Hoover; Andrew Conte, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Hour One

Tuesday  2 April  2013 / Hour 1, Block A: Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD, and Thomas Joscelyn, Long War Journal senior editor, in re:  Ansar al Shariah, Tunisia, Sept 14 took over US Embassy, raised the black banner of Al Qaeda.  Arms trafficking, supporting the organization internationally; are spread throughout Tunisia. Effective online presence. Afghanistan: Bill Ardolino of LWJ is embedded in Panjwai: the local governor asked for Americans to help  'The Taliban are worried about the uprising happening here': an interview with the Panjwai district governor; is consequently under threat. US special operations forces kill Panjwai shadow governor   Panjwai is where the Taliban were initially formed.   Afgh govt is not providng police or funds for non-Taliban to survive.  Shadow governor, in this case the Taliban rep, have begun murders.  Have recruiting industry in Pakistan.  Syria:  Head of "Free Syrian Army," the so-called rebels, is praising al Nusrah as "brothers." Was once caught on video celebrating a jihadist suicide bomber. Free Syrian Army commander praises Al Nusrah Front as 'brothers'     Throughout the country, not clear where al Nusrah ends and the Free Syrian Army begins. US t o give $60mil in direct aid to the "rebels." Under Petraeus, this was somewhat better managed; now all the major rebel factions are fighting alongside al Nusah and object to the US designation of al Nusrah as "terrorist."

Tuesday  2 April  2013 / Hour 1, Block B:   Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD, and Thomas Joscelyn, Long War Journal senior editor, in re:  Chechens in Syria. Chechen commander forms 'Army of Emigrants,' integrates Syrian groups  John Brennan said that the Arab Spring was he death knell for al Qaeda. The exact opposite is happening, of course, from the Mahgreb through the Middle East, into Central Asia; from the Sinai to multiple groups if n Iraq, down through Mali – the explosion is everywhere. Chechens are just one part of the global jihad. At a minimum, they share al Q ideology; at max, are under al Q command.   Syria is a failed state – a fertile ground of al Qaeda. Al Nusrah Front in Syria IS al Qaeda, openly.    Al Qaeda today has 10,000 fighters in Syria. this video is esp powerful; a spectrum: some guys are not very disciplines; others, like this, are excellent and disciplined. See: LongWarJounal.com.  It's an impressive army, and its coming for us.

Tuesday  2 April  2013 / Hour 1, Block C: . Tod Lindberg, research fellow, Hoover Institution, in re: Pres Obama's agenda: apparently there may be none. Lots of political activity, but underlying: nothing.    Gun control replaces immigration? Mmm, no.   Maybe he'll just focus n winning back the House in 2014; thereafter, maybe the real agenda might appear.  Tax reform?   The gap between House and president is unbridgeable right now.  This country was designed constitutionally to operate slowly; now, it’s not crazy to calculate that one of the two parties might say, "Do nothing till you hear from me" – and you'll never hear from him.

Tuesday  2 April  2013 / Hour 1, Block D:   Andrew Conte, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,, in re: Remember those “free” songs and videos you downloaded from a file-sharing network? They might be costlier than you think. The Trib’s latest investigation looks at how peer-to-peer networks can invite hackers and how many users inadvertently give up their most personal information to the web. As the former “cyber czar” Howard Schmidt told us, potential victims are not limited to users, either, because your information might be shared by family members, friends and co-workers.