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April 01, 2015 - First Hour

Wed 4/1/15 Hr 1 JBS: Gordon Chang,  Dr. David M. Livingston, The Space Show. Haym Benaroya, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers.  

April 01, 2015 - Second Hour

Wed 4/1/15 Hr 1 JBS: Gordon Chang, Bob Collins, former senior Pentagon analyst now based in South Korea. Nitin Gokhale, independent security analyst and author of Beyond NJ 9842: The Saichen Saga. LouAnn Hammond, DrivingtheNation.

April 01, 2015 - Third Hour

Wed 4/1/15 Hr 1 JBS: Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor. Steven Greenhouse, NYT. Charles Bausman, Russia Insider.

April 01, 2015 - Fourth Hour

Wed 4/1/15 Hr 1 JBS: Bill McGurn, WSJ. Henry I Miller, M.D., Hoover & Amber Boydstun, UC Davis, & author, Making the News: Politics, the Media, and Agenda Setting. Robert Zimmerman, behindtheblack

March 31, 2015 - First Hour

Tues 3/31/15 Hr 1 JBS: Co-host Larry Kudlow, CNBC, Cumulus Media. David Malpass, Encima Global LLC. James Taranto, WSJ Editorial. Lou Ann Hammond,  

March 31, 2015 - Second Hour

Tues 3/31/15 Hr 2 JBS: Stephen F. Cohen, NYU & Princeton professor Emeritus; author: Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War, & The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag after Stalin.  

March 31, 2015 - Third Hour

Tues 3/31/15 Hr 3 JBS: Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Sebastian Gorka, Jeff Gerth, ProPublica.

March 31, 2015 - Fourth Hour

Tues 3/31/15 Hr 4 JBS: Bill Farrand, Space Science Institute. Bob Zimmerman, John Nicolson, SNP Candidate for Westminster Parliament, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

March 31, 2015 - Author

Tues 4/1/15 JBS Author: Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi by Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz.

March 30, 2015 - First Hour

Mon 3/30/15 Hr 1 JBS: Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn, FDD, LWJ. Christian Whiton, Hamilton Foundation: "Smart Power: Between Diplomacy and War." Co-Host Thaddeus McCotter, WJR, author, “Liberty Risen: The Ultimate Triumph of Libertarian Republicans"