Friday 04/05/13 Batchelor Third Hour C & D

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Guest: Richard Epstein, Hoover Institution, NYU Law School, University of Chicago Law School.


Friday  5 April  2013 / Hour 3, Block C:  . Richard Epstein, Hoover , Chicago Law, et al., in re: his latest Defining Ideas article, “The Persecution of Joseph Bruno." In this article, it's asserted that, “The government’s endless prosecution of the retired Republican politician is a criminal justice travesty.” In 1932, the United States Supreme Court decided the landmark case of Powell v. Alabama. The legal ruling created a sensation at the time. The Alabama state prosecutor sought to railroad nine black men, the “Scottsboro Boys,” in a capital case involving their alleged rape of two white women. The defendants were convicted and each was sentenced to the death penalty, even though they were only given their state appointed lawyers on the morning of the first trial. The Supreme Court reversed the conviction on the grounds that the men were deprived of due process. Eighty years later, the criminal justice system is in better shape, but prosecutorial zeal can still pose a real threat to liberty unless judges are alert to its dangers. Consider the complex prosecution of former New York Senate Majority Leader, Joseph L. Bruno, a man in his ninth decade of life….

Friday  5 April  2013 / Hour 3, Block D:   Richard Epstein, Hoover , Chicago Law, et al., continued