Tuesday, 05/07/13 - Batchelor Special Benghazi

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Guests: Larry Johnson, No Quarter, in re Benghazi Whistleblower Mark Thompson of State Counterterrorism Bureau, What Happened September 11, 2012 at State?

Larry Johnson, NoQuarter, in re: Benghazi – what did she know and when did she know it?  Thre StateDept employees

Mark Thompson, former Marine, Dep Asst Secy in State's counterterrorism bureau, incl mil liaison: anything done overseas involving mil was handled by Mark. Mark now presides over abt 20 people; always involved  in crisis response operations. Has been deeply involved in counterterrorism for many years. (In WW II: "When they get in trouble, they call for the SOB's"). Interagency response.

Gregory Hicks: the info shd have gone to Mark in Operations Center, but if it was instructed not to share info w Counterterrorism, everything changes.  If Secy of State or Undersecy of State for Mgt (Patrick Kennedy) says no . . .   Medical team headed by a Lt-Col. was available for Benghazi was ordered to stand down. By whom? Probably from Stuttgart HQ. Their care wd have been life-saving: one SEAL's wounds were deadly; the other cd have been saved. 

Currently: potential CIA whistleblowers are being threatened, polygraphed every whipstitch, being heavily bullied and told they'll be fired if they spill the beans.

Off-the-books op: NSC, maybe w Brennan, Susan Rice, maybe the president, using CIA and their allies to hire recruit fund, trained, armed and shipped al Qaeda fighters in Cyrenaeca to Syria. These are the worst cutthroats in the world, mercenaries from all over the world.   Attacks on the CIA annex: Ansar al Sharia. persons there are known and identified. Patrick Kennedy was gatekeeper of who might an might not go to Libya.

Jay Carney says that the WH told the facts on Benghazi, and that the Assad regime is a bad bad wolf.  Hooray for one out of two!    Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya: US Military Assets Were Told to Stand Down   thelead.blogs.cnn.com/2013/05/06/for…