Tues 11/5/13 Hr 1

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Guests: Larry Kudlow, Kudlow Report, CNBC; & Cumulus Media radio. John B. Taylor, Hoover. Randy Barnett, Georgetown Law. David Davenport, Defining Ideas, Hoover.  


Tuesday  5 November  2013 / Hour 1, Block A: John B. Taylor, Economics One blog and Hoover, in re: Extreme Policies Are a Big Problem, Despite Naysayer

Tuesday  5 November  2013 / Hour 1, Block B: Randy Barnett , Georgetown Law, in re: a new paradigm in thinking about Obamacare.  usat.ly/1bDUZkC A penalty that's not a tax is illegal; Chief Justice rewrote the code that Congress had written to allow it, and so the ACA.  If it's a tax, has to be scored by the CBO.  The only constraint on taxing power is political.  . . .  The millennials want nothing to do with this.  . . .

Tuesday  5 November  2013 / Hour 1, Block C: David Davenport, Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution), and author, The New Deal & Modern American Conservatism: A Defining Rivalry,  in re:  What Is the Future of the GOP?  Chris Christie, and other electoral races tonight. Herbert Hoover on the New Deal: a turning point in American society.  In a crisis you can do nothing (Hoover accused of this, probably not accurately), do everything (as FDR did), or do something. 

Tuesday  5 November  2013 / Hour 1, Block D: Larry Kudlow, The Kudlow Report, in re: The White House has arrogantly decided to say that it did not deceive, despite all information to the contrary known by almost the entire public.   Major political problem.   Kentucky: 280,000 people cancelled – almost all small-group policies, being pools of small businesses.  Could be as many as 129 million people across the country (and there are 155 million people working in the US).   Deception by the president of the United States, who refused to admit to his own decisions to deceive.