The John Batchelor Show

Friday 13 July 2012

Air Date: 
July 13, 2012


Friday 905P Eastern Time:  Larry Johnson, No Quarter blog, in re: no longer in the work force, also 20-24 career fail with unemployment

Friday 920P Eastern Time:  Joshua Greene, Bloomberg Businessweek, in re: what kind of a risk-taker was Romney at Bain?

Friday 935P Eastern Time: Tunku Varadarajan, Newsweek, in re:  around the world from India's Bose to France's Hollande,

Friday 950P Eastern Time:  Bill McGurn, WSJ, in re:  Catholic Charities of Chicago sue Obama, who started working in Catholic Church in Chicago, on healthcare and contraception


Friday 1005P (705P Pacific Time):  Michael Vlahos, Naval War College, in re:  back from visit to China, to Dalian, to scene of Battle of Port Arthur, 1904, and how Chinese regard US as aggressor to stand in for other imperial aggression

Friday 1020P (720P Pacific Time):  Bob Zimmerman, Behind the Black, in re:  moon dust is toxic; failed experiments on ISS for Dragon; private space advances,

Friday 1035P (735P Pacific Time):  Mary O'Grady, WSJ, in re: trouble in El Salvador with takeover of independent judiciary, following Chavez model in Central America,

Friday 1050P (750P Pacific Time):  Julia Angwin, Wall Street Journal, in re: Google accused of spying on Safari browser users, other Google cyberspying; what is to be done?


Friday 1105P (805P Pacific Time): John Bolton, AEI, in re: what has Obama admin accomplished with sanctions in Iran?

Friday 1120P (820P Pacific Time): Bret Stephens WSJ, in re:  the trouble with Europe is that it has failed socialism and failed capitalism, and failed to govern since the war

Friday 1135P (835P Pacific Time): Tyler Rogoway,, in re: we what's the future of drones? Ten things to look for.

Friday 1150P (850P Pacific Time):  Amir Aczel, physicist, in re: Higgs Boson discovery confirmed. Who's Bose? ["After a quest spanning nearly half a century, physicists said July 4 they had found a new sub-atomic particle consistent with the Higgs boson which is believed to confer mass. "Boson" is named after Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose who worked with Albert Einstein in the 1920s."]

Friday/Sat 1205A (905 Pacific Time):  Jeff Green, Bloomberg, in re: youth underemployment, especially in the 20-24 group; career delayed indefinitely,

Friday/Sat  1220A (920 Pacific Time): Michael Tomasky , Daily Beast, in re: why the Democrats get the tax on the rich wrong, why the president gets it wrong, what it means to tax-dollars and to people.

Friday/Sat  1235A (935P Pacific Time):  Andrew Revkin, NYT, in re: natural gas, fracking, and the debate on the threat to groundwater and land, the phenom grows, the riches grow.

Friday/Sat  1250A  (950P Pacific Time): Exeunt.  Alex Nunez,, in re:  driving the new 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1.