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Friday 29 June 2012

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June 29, 2012



  •  U.S. Navy has issued a Lockheed Martin-led industry team a $715 million contract modification to add funding for construction of two Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) – the third and fourth in a 10-ship contract awarded in December 2010.   The contract modification is for construction ofLittle Rock (LCS 9) andSioux City(LCS 11). Construction on the first and second ships awarded under this contract,Milwaukee(LCS 5) andDetroit(LCS 7), is already underway.  Two ships awarded under previous contracts include USS Freedom (LCS 1), currently being prepared for her next deployment, andFort Worth(LCS 3), scheduled to be commissioned in September.  

John Batchelor Show  

Friday 905P Eastern Time: .Joshua Greene, Boston Globe & Bloomberg, in re: three advantages for Pres Obama after SCOTUS.

Friday 920P Eastern Time:  .Gina Bellafante, NYT, i n re: PS 90 kindergarten graduation and  the battle of Lee Greenwood and Justin Bieber songs, and the New York State Senate contest.

Friday 935P Eastern Time: .Michael Balter, Science magazine, in re: the 40,000-year-old cave art dating, and the possibility of Neanderthal cave art.

Friday 950P Eastern Time:  .John Bussey, WSJ, in re: why are CFOs of major corporations hoarding cash? Uncertainty is the thing  this decade.

Friday 1005P (705P Pacific Time):  .Dave Davenport, Hover, in re; SCOTUS and Obamacare; the silver linings of the Commerce Clause and Medicaid.

Friday 1020P (720P Pacific Time):  .Gordon Chang, and The Daily, in re: Xe Jinping family crony connection: blocked on Bloomberg site by Great Firewall.

Friday 1035P (735P Pacific Time):  .Lois Leveen, NYT op ed author, in re: the legend and mystery of Mary Bowser, slave and spy for the Union in the Confederate WHite House of Richmond.

Friday 1050P (750P Pacific Time):  .Jeff Bliss, The Bliss Index, in re: Hotel California, Green Pavilion, foie gras, Fisker, hi-speed

Friday 1105P (805P Pacific Time): .Michael Ledeen, FDD, in re: Syrian proxy war for Iran and Saudi Arabia; mobilization along the Turkish border; bluffing escalation.

Friday 1120P (820P Pacific Time): .Alex Nunez,, in re: the Camaro vs the Mustang; the Rise of the Muscle Car summer

Friday 1135P (835P Pacific Time): .Tyler Rogoway,, in re: littoral fleet navy, and the Air Mobility Command exhausted.

Friday 1150P (850P Pacific Time):  .Avik Roy, Manhattan Institute, in re: SCOTUS decision and what it means for the politics of Mitt Romney

Friday/Sat 1205A (905 Pacific Time):  .Gary Liebecap, Hoover, in re: how to save h whales with market-based solutions.

Friday/Sat  1220A (920 Pacific Time): .Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg, inre: the 2012 Senate agriculture bill, and savings and subsidies and food stamps.

Friday/Sat  1235A (935P Pacific Time):  .Michael Vlahos, Naval War College, in re: Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, and the meaning of  how the warrior class thinks of fighting now; the Ghazi warrior mindset.

Friday/Sat  1250A  (950P Pacific Time): Exeunt. Sid Perkins, Science magazine, in re: two turtles 40million years ago; forever together.

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Ides of March by Alexandre Desplat

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The Painted Veil by Alexandre Desplat

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The Ghost Writer by Alexandre Desplat

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Frost/Nixon by Hans Zimmer