The John Batchelor Show

Friday June 2, 2017

Air Date: 
June 02, 2017

Photo left: Berlin Wall.
9 Hour:
Dan Henninger, WSJ Editorial. Jeff Bliss, Pacific Watch. Andrew McCarthy, NRO, and Thaddeus McCotter, WJR. Liz Peek, Fiscal Times.
10 Hour:
Michael Vlahos, Johns Hopkins. Richard Haass, Council on Foreoign Relations, author, "The World in Disarray," Part 2 of 2.
11 Hour:
Scott Tannen, Boll&Branch; Anthony Campbell, WABC. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs. 
12 Hour::
Steve Warner, Francis Rose, WJLA-TV. Ben McIntyre, author, "Double Cross," PART 2 of 2.