The John Batchelor Show

Monday 11 May 2020

Air Date: 
May 11, 2020

Colleague: Thaddeus McCotter, American Greatness
Hour One
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 1, Block A: Tom Joscelyn, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; & Senior Editor for FDD's Long War Journal; and Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD; in re:  Iraq; the Sunni Awakening; Craig Whiteside and ISIS: The ISIS Reader*.  Bribes, corruption, persuasion. Tribes wanted noninterference in their affairs.  Tribes were fearful of what al Qaeda brought to the table. 
* The ISIS Reader: Milestone Texts of the Islamic State Movement, by Haroro J. Ingram and Craig Whiteside. Kindle Edition.
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 1, Block B: Tom Joscelyn, Long War Journal and FDD; and Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD; in re: ISIS is accusing al Q of starting a war in West Africa.
Nonetheless, there’s tactical alignment between the two in some geographic areas.  ISIS’s newsletter , al-Naba, has a long piece on this. ISIS charges that what’s wrong with al Q is that the latter is willing to negotiate with the enemy – it endorsed the Taliban’s deal with the US. Al Q models some of its conduct in West Africa on Taliban.  General Miller, head of US representation in Afghanistan:  the agreement says naught about reduction in violence.  Not a peace deal; the US was had. Miller’s public affairs man doesn't even say basic matters were agreed on.
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 1, Block C:  Professor Arthur, of International Relations,  and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Beware of theft by the PRC of anything to do with remedy, solution, or answer to the Wuhan virus plague. Chinese researchers or students. Medicine is art of Xi Jinping’s intentions for the made-in-China universe to come.  Chinese have made a terrible mess; it reflects stupidity, which is rare.  At my university, one f the most celebrated collection is online; the entire thing has been downloaded by Chinese.
Der Spiegel, from the BND (German intell): Jan conversation between Xi and Tedros, days before a warning of human-to-human transmission.  Chinese Communist Party denies this.  Note that the WHO delayed far longer than anyone thought the essential information needed by the rest of the world.  WHO was consistent with the substance of that report. Threat; conduct by sinister humans. Any sense of shame or guilt by Party members? They've committed mass murder for decades.  Some members think, We’re going to have to cool this globally, and probably acknowledge some responsibility. Only way to achieve closure is with the truth.
       Operating procedure:  Chinese first put vast amounts of money (billions) into accounts in dodgy countries; give secret codes to the persons they want to collect.  “First they tried to buy me; then scare me; and after that, their playbook was pretty much finished.”  . . . There’s no real leader in China; just one guy who [fakes it]. 
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 1, Block D: Professor Arthur, of International Relations,  and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re:  The Wuhan virus. This report does fit with circumstantial info. The outbreak points to the Wuhan lab; we know they stored 1500+ strains of corona virus. In March, China reopened wet markets all over the country. If they thought that was the origin of the Wuhan plague, they wouldn’t have done so.
    The Chinese white hulls (coast guard) are threatening the Senkakus (Diao Yu T`ai).  I think their long-term plan is to out-escalate Japan; my guess is if China overplays its hand, a Japanese sub will sink the ship(s).  Mao said: Strike out at everybody at once – now Xi is doing that in the Himalayas, India. Kazakhstan, Philippines, a dozen locales.  Chinese foreign policy begins internally in the Party. What will happen [out of all this] is that they’ll surround themselves with uncontrollable enemies. China watchers are having a big debate about Xi’s current power; I’m sort of in the camp of his being powerful. but he’ll make fatal mistakes and be out.
Hour Two
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 2, Block A:  Devin Nunes, House Intell Committee (CA-22); in re:    Only way Chinese can get out of the corner they've backed themselves in to is to be transparent. Otherwise, we’ll probably pull out of Chinese mfrg as fast as possible, incl pharmaceuticals and defense.  General Flynn: this [vindication] is a long time overdue. The Mueller investigators, themselves, need to be investigated. It's preposterous hat  three-star general would be accused of colluding with the Russians. Everyone knew it at the time; it as vengeance. They didn't like the fact that he uncovered that Administration’s [amity] with Iran, and that he was making speeches in favor of Trump. The media doesn't exit; 905 of that's called the mainstream media is an arm of he Democratic Party. Schiff and many others went on RT, but accused Flynn of [treason] because he spoke on RT. 
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 2, Block B:  John Yoo, Berkeley Law and Hoover, in re:  There was no effort to see  if Flynn was in cahoots with Russians, because the FBI already knew that he was not.  Pursuing him anyway was a [breakdown] in the rule of law. Comey and cohort skirted all rules they could. This involved the president of the US, and the Attorney General, and other highest officials.  The Logan Act may not be Constitutional and has never been used to prosecute anyone in its 220 years.  “Dismissed with prejudice” means the Justice Dept can never bring the same charges again.
Monday 11 May  2020  / Hour 2, Block C:  Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, in re: [Broad and deep review of Israel, Iran, Iraq, Saudis.]
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 2, Block D: Indiana Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, in re: Bar Kokhba coin and its remarkable history and inscription.  Samaria: Tel Aroma, northernmost of the eight fortresses in the Hasmonean kingdom. Palestinians are hastily working to destroy the fortress walls right now; working around the clock.
Hour Three
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 3, Block A:  Andrew C McCarthy, Ball of Collusion, and Thaddeus McCotter, American Greatness, in re:  Michael Flynn,. E FBI.  Jan 5, 2017 White House meeting: one revelation from Sally Yates, then Acting Atty-General; with Comey, Susan Rice, VP Biden, and Pres Obama. Appears strongly that Pres Obama knew all about the Flynn –Kislyak conversation.   What would we think if an Administration under the guise of counter-intell were investigating a purported conspiracy between a foreign power and a high US official? The only purpose of counter-intell is for the president. Pres Obama naturally knew; the question is, what did he know—a good-faith investigation or a political spying and sabotage operation against the other party? How could an incoming president not be informed?    . . .  Next we hear that Peter Strzok is pressing the investigators to keep the case open. . . . Susan Rice and her 20 Jan 2017 bizarre memo to self* averring that Pres Obama demanded we all do this “by the book.”  Memo was written “in the final moments” of the Obama Administration.
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 3, Block B: Andrew C McCarthy, Ball of Collusion, and Thaddeus McCotter, American Greatness, in re:  On 24 Jan 2016, decided t close the investigation, absent any info on Flynn, a decorate US combat veteran; later found Flynn’s conversation with Amb Kislyak, which was exceedingly proper. 
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 3, Block C:  Lee Smith, The Plot Against the President, in re:  The press was an intrinsic part of the operation – CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et al., are third-world [flacks].  Amb Grenell is now acting dir of intell; his deputy Kashyap Patel was Rep Nunes’s aide.   These are two highly significant people; trying to get essential information to the American public Extremely pleased and relieved that these two are hard at work [on the matter].   If Rep Ratcliff is confirmed,   . . .  I’d go to Amb Powers’s transcripts; see how many officials’s identities she wanted revealed.  Obama Adm cultivated a culture of espionage. This is important.  We have evidence that the story Adam Schiff and his allies were telling for two years were false, and the press participated. 
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 3, Block D:  Larry Johnson, Sic Semper Tyrannis, in re:  Agent Doe is at the center of the Russiagate investigation; he calls himself the FBI handler of Christopher Steele, whom he met via Bruce Ohr; speaking of Eurasian crime, money laundering, drugs, and the like.  LJ:  I was mistaken about Steele, whom I thought to be a legit informant, but he was not. Bthis agent says: on 5 July 2016 in response to a frantic call from Steele: “I gotta meet with you!”  in London. Steele gives agent the first version of the notorious dossier.  Steele names Glen Simpson on that day. Recall that Bruce Ohr’s wife was working for Simpson. Next,  agent returns to his post, decides to give it to the special agent in New York City who gets it on 12 July 20156; then two more weeks pass before someone senior in DC gets it (probably on seventh floor).   
 On July 31, they set up Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  Alexander Downer.  FBI leadership do not turn to the agent who’s Steele’s handler; instead, Agent Doe was cut out.  Then suddenly Harry Reid was being briefed on the dossier . . . 
Hour Four
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 4, Block A: David M Drucker, Washington Examiner, & John Fund, NRO, in re: Can Trump use this as a [weapon] against Biden. Mail-in ballot:   Absentee balloting has been around since he Civil War, and is legitimate for people who have a reason to use it, Democrats want not Election Day, but Election Month; and Newsom wants to mail a ballot to everyone registered, whether living in-state or not, whether still alive or not. Then-Gov Brown signed a law to permit ballot harvesting – collect ballots from any ol’body and drop them off without even identifying yourself. This had an enormous influence in flipping four Congressional districts in Orange County. It’s not a secret ballot; intimidation and harassment are documented. 
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 4, Block B:   David M Drucker, Washington Examiner, & John Fund, NRO, in re: GOP regs require an in-person vote at the convention, suggesting a strong wish for a normal convention, esp for the energy levels.  Hired a doctor with experience in crisis mgt to help them organize it.  Around the beginning of July, the RNC will have to start making real arrangements.  Look to see if all the corporate money for events surrounding conventions still pours in.   The Global Justice Foundation: Sidney Powell (chair of the board of the fdn) & Gen Flynn; UAE scandals.  Fdn looking in to [those who are] subordinating local concerns, scandalous behavior bring judges, e.g.), and the Tameer Holding scandal in Dubai where $2 billion disappeared.  All over the world, flows of capital.  Will investors be beset by pirates, thieves?
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 4, Block C: Lorenzo Fiori, Direttore Generale Fondazione Leonardo, and publication Civiltà delle Macchine [company magazine of the Italian industrial group Finmeccanica]; in re: Italian governmental report on how the virus is faring.  Big recovery from the dramatic situation we were in a month ago. Today, only 700 people all across Italy.  Unfortunately, the number who’ve died remains too high.  On 3 May, adjustments were made to the extreme lockdown; people going back to work in automotive, for example. But mass transit? Adequate, and not as congested; and we’ve now got staggered working hours, starting at 6 AM and going to 10PM. Telework: those who can, do.  Commerce and shops?  Customers have to comply with rules—Prime Minister wants not more than three people per 40 square meters. Everybody there must wear a mask.   Try on clothes?  Oops; dunno.  Exercise: may leave home more than once a day.  People strolling on parks, but must avoid any concentration; 1.5 to 2 meters apart. Why are joggers not required to wear a mask? Now allowed to go farther than 200 meters from where you live, and visit relatives, but with a recommendation: wear a mask and keep a social distance.  You may not move out of your home region. I can go around Milan and Lombardy, but if I go farther I’ll probably have to explain to constabulary why I’m that far from home. 
Monday 11 May  2020   / Hour 4, Block D:  Michael Ledeen, FDD, The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies, by  Lieutenant General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn and Dr Michael Ledeen,  in re: Gen Flynn is now a free man.  Why did they throw so may resources at Gen Flynn? Because he was going to [reveal] their deeds; would track down who had got all that money [from black ops].   Hearkens in part back to Afghanistan; and they couldn't buy him off.  They wanted to go after him and be sure he couldn't shed light on their activities.  Gen Flynn opposed the Iran deal, loudly and clearly; he wanted an end to the Islamic Republic and to support its enemies.  Pres Obama wanted to establish a strategic alliance with Iran.  Flynn also said clearly  that Russia was not an ally; was dangerous to the US.  Congressman Devin Nunes thinks there’s a fairly large lawsuit possible.