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Friday 12 December 2014

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December 12, 2014

Photo:" Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad gather on the 100th meridian, which later became Cozad, Nebraska, approximately 250 miles (400km) west of OmahaNebraska Territory, in October 1866."

900 David Hawkings, Roll Call

Winners and losers in CRomnibus - David confirms or rebuts my three observations


915 Dan Goure, Lexington Institute

Sophie’s Choice on defense, as written in Real Clear Defense


930 Paul Shinkman, US News and World Report

Senate Intel Committee report already damaging intel efforts around globe


945 Jim McTague, Barrons

Worst week of the year in the markets, but $1.50 gas may be coming!!


1000 Michael Vlahos, US Naval War College

Hagel announces new ship will be based on LCS, a failed platform - budget and strategy are disconnected at DoD


1015 Vlahos continued


1030 Hope Hodge Seck, Military Times

Morale problem in military because wars are ending


1045 Seck continued


1100 Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg View

Boehner knows how to win ugly; have we underestimated him as a Speaker?


1115 Gordon Chang

Japanese elections this Sunday - what Abe will do with more seats, and how he will win them despite dismal approval rating


1130 Ron Marks, George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute

Intel report hangs intel practitioners out to dry, sets poor precedent for similar exposes in the future


1145 Amy Chang, Center for a New American Security

China’s cyber strategy, both military and commercial (hint: it’s the same thing)


1200 Walter Borneman, author, Iron Horses: America’s Race to Bring the Railroads West


1215 Borneman continued


1230 Borneman continued

1245 Bowly/Borneman continued