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Friday 26 November 2021

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November 26, 2021

CBS Eye on the World with John Batchelor 
First Hour 
Sophie Pedder
Révolution Française, by Sophie Pedder.  @PedderSophieçaise-Emmanuel-Macron-reinvent/dp/1472948602

The extraordinary story of how an outsider candidate—an unknown technocrat and economics minister on the fringes of French politics—made his way to the Élysée palace, with expert analysis of his first year in office.

Two years after Emmanuel Macron came from nowhere to seize the French presidency, Sophie Pedder, The Economist's Paris bureau chief, tells the story of his remarkable rise and time in office so far. In this paperback edition, published with a new foreword by the author, Pedder reflects on Macron's troubles and triumphs: his dwindling popularity; the gilets jaunes protests and resulting civil unrest; his efforts to transform France and lead the global fight against climate change; the Benalla affair; his erratic relationships with Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Theresa May, and the future of the European project. 
Second Hour 
Nicholas Thomas
Voyagers: The Settlement of the Pacific, by Nicholas Thomas @MAACambridge.
An award-winning scholar explores the sixty-thousand-year history of the Pacific islands in this dazzling, deeply researched account.
The islands of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia stretch across a huge expanse of ocean and encompass a multitude of different peoples. Starting with Captain James Cook, the earliest European explorers to visit the Pacific were astounded and perplexed to find populations thriving thousands of miles from continents. Who were these people? From where did they come? And how were they able to reach islands dispersed over such vast tracts of ocean?
Third Hour 
James Tooley
Really Good Schools: Global Lessons for High-Caliber, Low-Cost Education, by James Tooley @james_tooley. Hardcover – April 12, 2021

A distinguished scholar of education and the world’s foremost expert on private, low-cost innovative education, Tooley takes readers to some of the world’s most impoverished communities located in some of the world’s most dangerous places—including such war-torn countries as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and South Sudan.
Fourth Hour 
Jeff McCausland
Battle Tested! : Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders, by Jeffrey D. McCausland and Tom Vossler, with Walter Dixon as narrator. Published by Gildan Media.  Audible Audiobook– Unabridged

In order to be a truly effective leader, it is necessary to learn as much as possible from the examples of history—the disasters as well as the triumphs. At Gettysburg, Union and Confederate commanders faced a series of critical leadership challenges under the enormous stress of combat. The fate of the nation hung in the balance. These leaders each responded in different ways, but the concepts and principles they applied during those traumatic three days contain critical lessons for today’s leaders that are both useful and applicable—whether those leaders manage operations at a large corporation, supervise a public institution, lead an athletic team, or govern a state or municipality.