The John Batchelor Show

June 10, 2012

Air Date: 
June 10, 2012

Sunday  905PM Eastern (605P Pacific):  Terry Anderson, PERC and Hoover, in re: trout fishing in Montana and property rights.

Sunday 920PM Eastern (620P Pacific):  Bud Weinstein, Southern Methodist University and Bush Institute, in re: EPA regulations and natural gas regulation: clash ahead.
Sunday 935PM Eastern (635P Pacific):  Michael Balter, Science magazine, in re: the beginning of social stratification in farming, 7,500 years ago.
Sunday 950PM Eastern (650P Pacific):  Jack Gorman, in re: early birds and dinosaurs: what do they have in common?
Sunday 1005PM EDT (705P Pacific):   Jack Goldstein, Hoover, in re: the drone strikes, FOIA, and the law. What is a leak; what is confirmation?
Sunday 1020PM EDT (720P Pacific):  Henry Miller, Hoover, in re: Hollywood against water: the new movie exposé of cranks and Al Gore allies.  
Sunday 1035PM EDT (735P Pacific):  Amir Efrati, WSJ, in re: the battle between Apple and Google over iPhone and Android map search, and handsets, and search.
Sunday 1050PM EDT (750P Pacific):  Gretchen Morgenson, NYT, in re: Bank of America deceived shareholders in takeover of Merrill.
Sunday 1105PM EDT (805P Pacific):  Bret Stephens, WSJ, in re: Lady Gaga in Indonesia and the closing of Indonesian minds.
Sunday 1120PM EDT (820P Pacific):   Nicholas Wade, in re: the tomato is tougher than the dinosaur, and 100 million years old.
Sunday 1135PM EDT (835P Pacific):  Tyler Roogoway,, in re: the twentieth anniversary of Air Combat Command, Queen Elizabeth-class carrier from the UK. The trouble with F-5N.
Sunday 1150PM EDT (850P Pacific):  Jeff Foust, Space Review, in re: asteroid mining and the plan for Moon colonies.
Sunday/Mon 1205AM EDT (905 Pacific):  Justin Elliot, ProPublica, in re: drone strikes and protests.
Sunday/Mon 1220AM EDT (920 Pacific): Chip Jacobs, Bloomberg, in re: Jerry Brown, Green bully pulpit for California.
Sunday/Mon 1235AM EDT (935P Pacific):  Hotel Mars.  David Livingston, The Space Show, in re:  mining in space and private enterprise. Klondike strikes on Mars.
Sunday/Mon 1250AM EDT (950P Pacific):  Sid Perkins, in re: Vanilla Sky, and aerosols in the sky to fight off arming.