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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Air Date: 
September 12, 2012


(Photo:Image taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover on August 23, 2012 using its telephoto lens on the 100-millimeter mast camera instrument, or mastcam. The image, which is color-enhanced to replicate the lighting conditions on Earth, shows Mount Sharp rising in the background and the rover's gravely surface in fron


905P: Elizabeth Rosenthal, NYT, re the blackmarket in Freon, the EPA bans a substance that is now smuggled into the US from Asia and Mexico (WHERE IT IS NOT BANNED), a two year investigation to catch a thief.

920 Mia Navarro, Climate change and NYC preparations for storm surge and the flooding of the tunnels and subway.

935P Dan Morrison, National Geographic, India blackout and the monsoons and the climate change.

955P: Christine Haughney, NYT, re experiment to revive Macon George small town newspaper and public radio station by merging them with Mercer College.

1005P Mary O’Grady, WSJ, Mexico economy better but attacks on press and organized crime worse, what is the promise of Mexico?

1020P: John Bussey, WSJ, the shale gas and shale oil boom, what can go wrong?

1035P: Karen Hooper,, Biofuels, and the corn crop, what are the demands, how can the drought and the demands be balanced?

1050P: Brooks Barnes NYT, re what is it like to drive the Robot Curiosity on Mars, working at the JPL in CA, day in the life of a space geek, 3-D glasses on Mars.

1105P: Robert Wade, Ford Motor Company, the new Ford Fusion, eco boost engine, Green tech in ford, for weight and fuel efficiency.

1120P: Peter Berkowitz, Hoover, the California education fail, Jerry Brown fail, no tolerance for free speech in the system where it was born in 1964.

1135P: Edmund Stump, The Roof at the Bottom of the World.

1150P: Stump Continued.

1205A: Haym Benaroya, Turning Dust to Gold.

1220A: Benaroya continued

1235A: Amy Zegart, Hoover, re secrecy and what is to be done with the Seal Team Six book, and what about baning books, aand how to keep secrets in the age of social media?

1250A: Alex Nunez,, re the new 2013 Corvette Classic, 505 horsepower, last of the line of C6 corvettes from GM at $91,000.