The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Iranian Aggression

August 26, 2016

Thursday  25 August 2016     / Hour 2, Block A:  Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, in re: Harassing of US naval warships  (Nitze) in the Persian Gulf near Straits of Hormuz: bolder, nastier, more confident; IIRGC's navy, reports directly ti Iranian leadership, running coastal defense since 2007; seized the UK Royal Navy personnel and American personnel recently; done seriatum.  If we allow this to go unresponded-to, they'll be sure they have nothing to fear; the lead (?) ayatollah spoke of expanding in Asia, Africa and South America; and spoke of social media as positive (after having violently crushed Iranian social media and killing bloggers).  Biggest mistake the US could make is to do something dramatic; everyone in the Middle East watches.  Now Iran is suing Saudis against deaths in last year’s hajj. Have six mil camps near Kirkuk run by Iran.  Iranians have believed since 198_ that Americans are incoherent and incapable during an election cycle.  The NIAC conference – NIAC is a mouthpiece of the Iranian regime.  . . .  Because of the absence of the West, . . . when one team leaves the field, the other team wins.   . . .   Russians have been bldg an air force base in Hamadan for the last year. They’re digging in for a long haul.   Palestinians are rioting against not Israel but against the PA.