The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Mars vs. Venus

September 30, 2016

Thursday  29 September 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: David Davenport, Hoover Institution &Stanford, in re: post-debate analyses.  Trump was on more comfortable ground n economics; more so than Hillary on trade. She first said TTP was the gold standard before she was against it.  He does best when he quickly deflected criticism and moves on. Needs to revert to slash-jab-dance boxing. Trump is from Mars and Clinton is from Venus.   HRC: “I have a plan to defeat ISIS.”   DJT: “Why haven’t you done it?” Body language, attitude, demeanor – all are important.  It’s one thing how you come off with Lester Holt; it's another how you come off with normal people.  . . .  His apparently obsessive reaction to perceived slights seems to be part of his actual strategy.  I think his debates  are about reaching undecided voters: undecided because they dislike both candidates; he needs to convince the 15% or 20% to vote for him.  Trekkies have issued an open letter against Trump.