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VIDEO: The Trouble with Trump

June 07, 2016

Monday 6 June 2016 / Hour 2, Block A:  David Drucker, Senior Congressional correspondent, Washington Examiner; and John Fund, NRO, in re: June 6, 1944, CBS radio, middle of the night, German radio reports invasion; London: Seem to have RAF over the French coast, Seine estuary to Cherbourg. Dwight David Eisenhower, then a staff general, announcing on shortwave, heard at 3:30 AM: Flash - London: Ike announced landing in France. Allied troops began landing this early morning, supported by strong air forces. 
The Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force: A landing was made this morning on the coast of France, in conjunction with our great Russian allies. . . .”   Tonight not one GOP pol will defend Trump for comments he made about a judge from Indiana.  Party thrashing around with how to deal with routinely inacceptable words  . . . Even Gingrich has carefully backed away.
Priebus and crew are fearful, want to see if they can find someone to do an “intervention” with the impossible Trump.   GOP often painted as insensitive or worse to the interests of minority parties; when someone comes along and heavily reinforces that , and _ worse – is the nominee – that exacerbates the problem.
Press is widely calling Trump “racist” and not ne politician has come forward to defend him.  Thaddeus’s father was Mexican-American, fought for the US in WWII.  His wife is Mexican-American.  Lindsay Graham has profoundly condemned Trump; many pols have condemned him; Trump on a conference call today was secretly recorded in a series of indefensible statements.  Blame the GOP that allowed the vacuum.  The only power the party has is to deny Trump the nomination – but the leadership doesn't know how he voters feel.  Trump has no motivation to back down – pols dcnounce him, then cousin up to him rather than elect Hillary Clinton.
In a conference call today Trump ordered his surrogate to call journos “racist.”    Yike. Cost-benefit analysis: more Republicans stay home to avoid Trump than . .  . Ergo, delegates need to say, “We demand your tax returns.” Trump then will have a choice; if he doesn't, delegates can abstain Trump won't prevail in the Second ballot.   GOP can't take five more months of this. He’s a 12-year-old emotionally. 
GOP shd be talking about the lousy jobs report and other matters; couldn't because Trump was yelling about a judge as being biased.  Trump’s pattern is to reach an apex of [hysteria/madness], then pull back for a few days or weeks, and then launch again.  Due Diligence is required in all relationships; the Party needs to obtain tax returns or act accordingly.
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