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Sunday 29 July 2012

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July 29, 2012

Ohi nuclear power plant is seen after its No. 3 rector, right, returned to operation in Ohi town, Fukui prefecture, western Japan, Sunday, July 1, 2012. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)  


Sunday  905PM Eastern (605P Pacific): Francesco Guerrera, WSJ, in re: for what purpose are the Fed bank regulators at J P Morgan? How can 100 regulators watch over 260,000 people and $2.6 Trillion in assets from the New York J P Morgan office?

A new state-of-the art museum sits adjacent to the Charles M. Bair family home and features four galleries that present the Bair family’s Native American collection, western paintings by Charles Russell and Joseph Sharp, Edward S. Curtis photogravures, and modern European and American paintings.  The Charles M. Bair Family Museum  2751 MT Highway 294, Martinsdale, Montana 59053

Sunday 920PM Eastern (620P Pacific): Don Amundsen, Bair Family Museum of Montana, in re: who was Charlie Bair and how did he build his fortune and legacy in Montana - with sheep and the Yukon and the Crow Indians and the banks? What of the Bair Museum?

Sunday 935PM Eastern (635P Pacific): Steven Greenhouse, NYT, in re:  Caterpillar strike of Peoria, Illinois, and the touchy stance of the management, the resistance and troubles of the union, the two-tier system and the picket-crossing workers in high unemployment.

Sunday 950PM Eastern (650P Pacific): Mvemba Dizolele, Hoover, in re:  the Obama Administration cuts off aid to Rwanda because of suspect cooperation and sponsorship of pirates raiding Congo.  The War Crimes watcher warns Paul Kagame of Rwanda that he and his leadership are suspected of crimes.

Sunday 1005PM EDT (705P Pacific): Richard Epstein, Hoover, in re:  gun control after Aurora. What of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposals, what of assault weapons, what's the likely fate of the Second Amendment? Does gun control stop gun violence?

The machinists’ strike at Caterpillar Inc.’s Joliet plant, now in its 13th week, is drawing national attention as a test case for U.S. labor relations.

Sunday 1020PM EDT (720P Pacific): Sophia Pearson, Bloomberg, in re: what are the civil remedies for the victims of the Aurora shooting, who are the deep pockets, what are the prospects?

Sunday 1035PM EDT (735P Pacific): Peter Waldman, Bloomberg Businessweek, in re:  for-profit surgery center in Bay Area challenged by Aetna Insurance; the great success of high-end health patients who want surgery; the growth of for-profit surgery.

Sunday 1050PM EDT (750P Pacific): Ty Rogoway,, in re:  can Apple build a better fighter jet, can private enterprise outperform government contracts?

Sunday 1105PM EDT (805P Pacific): Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ, in re:  what's the Mercosur trade association of Latin America? Why is Brazil punishing Paraguay over Venezuela, and what of Chavez's influence?

Sunday 1120PM EDT (820P Pacific): Chris Gadomski,  Bloomberg, in re: Japan turns on a nuclear reactor; what's the future of nuclear power in Japan, and will sustainable energy join with nukes?  Japan's deficit because of LNG imports.

Sunday 1135PM EDT (835P Pacific): Ken Anderson, Hoover, in re: do we need the UN, and what of the UN today with Syria?  How does the Obama Administration use the UN?

Sunday 1150PM EDT (850P Pacific): continued.

Canada's Nexen, with offshore operations in the U.S. and U.K., has agreed to be acquired by China's CNOOC for $15.1 billion.

Sunday/Mon 1205AM EDT (905 Pacific): Richard Rubin, Bloomberg, in re: who are the top 2% that Obama wants to tax? What do they do, what do they earn?  Are they job-creators?

Sunday/Mon 1220AM EDT (920 Pacific): Francesco Guerrera, WSJ, in re: for what purpose are the Fed bank regulators at J P Morgan? How can 100 regulators watch over 260,000 people and $2.6 Trillion in assets?

Sunday/Mon 1235AM EDT (935P Pacific): Henry Miller, Hoover, in re: what's the choice between GM food and organic food? Is organic safer?  Why is GM discriminated against? What's the organic cost difference, and what of drought and the cost of food?

Sunday/Mon 1250AM EDT (950P Pacific): Michael de la Merced, NYT, in re: CNOOC buys Nexen of Canada; will the deal go through? Why is China moving on Canadian resources, and what has changed since the Unocal and Potash failed deals?

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9-hour:     Red Dawn;  10-hour:    10,000 BC;  11-hour:    The Road;  midnight hour:   Persia

U.S. Mail Wagon., horse-drawn to motorized, on the road to Twitter.

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