Access Agent Kelley

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Wed, 2012-11-14 02:16 -- John Batchelor
Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The Petraeus resignation took a peculiar turn when the unusual Tampa social entertainer Jill Kelley entered the story.  Kelley is said to have raised the first complaint of threatening e-mails that brought the FBI into the case sometime last summer.   Spoke to Larry Johnson, No Quarter, who makes the clear case that Jill Kelley carries on in Tampa like an "Access Agent" -- an intelligence service op whose job it is to bring together VIPs and other personalities for conversation, relaxation, persuasion.  The first identification of Kelley was that she was State liaison with JSOC.  This was bogus, as JSOC is in North Carolina.  A guess is that Kelley acts as if she is CIA.  I am told by other eyes that foreign VIPS visiting Tampa assumed, when meeting Kelley, that Kelley is Agency.  The problem with this is that there is no confirmation that Kelley belongs to any intelligence service.  Foreign?  Cannot be ruled out; and Kelley does favor using her native childhood Arabic (she is Lebanese) to greet visiting Middle Easterners.  Again, no confirmation of Kelley as more than a hostess.  There is additional detail that Kelley, her twin sister Natalie, and Kelley's husband, Dr. Scott Kelley, are all linked to a shady charity that failed in 2007 while owing the IRS and banks millions.  The suggestion so far is that Kelley and her crew may be grifters who have parleyed access to the uniforms for profit of unknown particulars?  Selling information?  Selling gossip?  About Petraeus now resigned?  About the General John Allen, now on hold for NATO?  These are prime targets for influence peddling.  Why then did Kelley invite the FBI into the sandbox?

Broadwell Talks.

The below (last summer in Colorado) and above (September at the University of Denver) present Paula Broadwell at book events speaking much too freely of information she may or may not have had correctly from General Petraeus.  There is a hint that Broadwell is fabricating the controversial stuff about Benghazi, such as that the CIA annex was used as a detention center (the CIA says not true) and that a segment of Delta Force was available for intervention (it wasn't Delta).  That Broadwell is talking at all is a problem for everyone, and the positive news of the day is that Broadwell has hired a Washington law firm (mouthpiece) to represent her in the ferocious investigations now underway.