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VIDEO: Navy of the Future

Thursday  23 June  2016 / Hour 1, Block B:  Scott Shipman, Shipman Federal Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the application of John Boyd’s leadership strategies in the workplace; in re: diesel submarines.  Swedes and others build highly desirable subs.  Nuclear and Diesel: the...
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VIDEO: State Finances

Tuesday  14 June 2016   / Hour 1, Block C: Veronique de Rugy, Mercatus (George Mason University), in re: Fiscal solvency of the states within the US.  The worst US states for economic condition?   Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut; New York, Maine California and PR.  A bill opening...
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VIDEO: Understanding Orlando

Monday 13 June 2016 / Hour 2, Block A: Devin Nunes, Chairman, House Intelligence Committee, in re:  The intell community has been predicting this for a y ear and a half, esp as fighters o east and return and tech improves with encrypted sealed chat rooms, which can’t really be found. Radical jihad...
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VIDEO: Predicting the Fed

Tuesday  14 June 2016   / Hour 1, Block B:  Sudeep Reddy, Wall Street Journal economics editor, in re: on Wed will be on video to talk about the FOMC meeting and where we are with short-term rate and direction for the rest of 2016.  Tonight, overview of global confusions The bond market holds that...
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VIDEO: Opinion Journal

Thursday  9 June 2016 / Hour 1, Block A:    Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board & host of Opinion Journal on WSJ Video, in re: In radio ratings in New York City, the John Batchelor Show has been identified as the most-listened-to show in its time slot, and has an audience that’s at...
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VIDEO: The Trouble with Trump

Monday 6 June 2016 / Hour 2, Block A:  David Drucker, Senior Congressional correspondent, Washington Examiner; and John Fund, NRO, in re: June 6, 1944, CBS radio, middle of the night, German radio reports invasion; London: Seem to have RAF over the French coast, Seine estuary to Cherbourg. Dwight...
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VIDEO: Campus Intolerance

Friday  3 June 2016 / Hour 1, Block C:  Liz Peek,  Fiscal Times & Fox, in re:  Forget ‘Great.’ Trump Should Just Promise to Make America Work Again
Let’s be clear: There are no excuses for the incompetence that Americans routinely experience from the federal government.     There is no excuse...